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This blog is going to be about the vintage life.  These days, there are so many reasons to go with vintage!

1 The first and most obvious is that it is recycling.  In our current culture of mass production and overconsumption, this is a simple thing that you can do to decrease your carbon footprint.  The reuse of items reduces landfill, and by buying vintage, one avoids contributing to demand of new items.  Additionally, the reuse of books and other paper products means that you aren’t contributing to the demand for new paper, and thus trees.

2 Second, if you love to be unique, then vintage is the way to go.  Once again, our mass production world means that if you buy something new, thousands of other people have the exact same thing.  Each vintage piece is not necessarily one of a kind, but when you think about the fact that it had to travel through time to find its way to you, for sure many of its copies were lost along the way.  Of course, some pieces are one of a kind, being hand-made with love by someone long ago.  Additionally, by going with vintage, you can pick from all of the styles and trends of the past, and you are not restricted to those of today.  All of this put together is a recipe for a unique and eye-catching personal look!

3 Third, in a word: quality!  Unless you can buy the very best, the quality of today’s products is simply dismal in comparison to those made in the past.  Regarding clothing for example, the quality of vintage items is really amazing, both in cut and fit as well as the materials.  Vintage fabrics are luscious and vibrant and care was put into the workmanship of each piece.  The same is true for many other categories of vintage items. It is well worth stocking your home and closet with these pieces, particularly pre-80s when quality was paramount.

4 Fourth, another great way to enjoy the vintage life is to make things yourself.  This is an old fashioned way to get the things you need.  Crafting has made a comeback in a big way lately, and it is loads of fun and is great for your well being.  Best of all, vintage notions are some of the most interesting materials to use!

The second theme of my blog with be:  kitties.  Whenever possible 😉

In this blog, I will be exploring these concepts, and recounting my vintage and crafty travels,  I hope you enjoy!


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